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Our Story

We, the van der Ploeg's  are a dairy farming family from the province of Friesland in the Netherlands, and immigrated to the United States in 2003. After settling in Clovis, NM we continued milking cows, raising our own calves and harvesting silage to feed our cows and calves, just like we did in the Netherlands. Our family has always made and enjoyed our homemade yoghurt. We have continued the tradition and are introducing our very own Freanna Original Yoghurt to share with everyone.

From left to right: Jeroen- Production, Karla-Marketing, and Sjierkje and Andle (not pictured) - Owners

     "Freanna" originated from Friesland, the northern province in the Netherlands we are originally from and Anna.  Anna represents not just one important cow but a whole family! Anna was bought in 1938, before the second world war in the Netherlands by our father/grandfather. Andle van der Ploeg learned to milk by hand when he was 6 years old on Anna 12, she was a very sweet cow and a great teacher!  Anna 126 was a very special cow for our family, she was a famous one and made it in the news several times. Like an Olympic athlete, she was in great shape, healthy and strong she also had a strong personality. She had a friend in the herd, Reintsje and you could always find them standing next to each other eating their silage in the barn or walking together from the pasture ready to get milked. Anna wasn't afraid to push another cow out of the way if she was thirsty, even at her old age.  She lived a long life and had several baby calves. There will never be another Anna quite like her, but her name is part of our history . She's lives on in Freanna Yoghurt.  

The Netherlands is located in Western Europe near Germany and Belgium. 

Frisian cows originally came from the Netherlands   and Holsteins come from a region in northern Germany.  The two breeds have been so commonly

crossbred that the majority of Frisians today are between ¼ to ¾ Holstein, hence the regularly

hyphenated name Frisian-Holstein. 

Mission Statement:  

We want to offer our customers delicious and nutritious dairy products that are unlike anything else on the market while caring for our animals and being great stewards of the land. 

Vision Statement:  

Bringing a variety of dairy products to customers that are local, healthy and wholesome. 

Freanna's Core Values: 
  • Mutual respect

  • Social responsibility

  • Willingness to fight for beliefs

  • Integrity

  • Sense of humor

  • Support for community

  • Stewardship

  • Family atmosphere

  • Emphasis on quality

  • Hard work

Anna- The gal that started it all!
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